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December Newsletter

December 2023 Newsletter 

THANK YOU for your interest in my artwork. I have really enjoyed meeting many of you at events in 2023 where I have had the opportunity to personally discuss my work and commissions. I am also very grateful to clients who have purchased sculptures and paintings this year and I hope that they bring you great joy installed in their new homes.


It was an honour to have my work selected for the Society of Equestrian Artists annual exhibition at a wonderful venue at Tennants gallery in Yorkshire and to meet fellow artists at the exhibition. Thank you also to the galleries that showed an interest in showing my work in 2024.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss anything further concerning my sculptures, display ideas, installation or commissions.

I will be publishing a quarterly newsletter throughout 2024 to keep you up to date with new developments and to inform you which galleries will be exhibiting my work and the events that I will be attending in person.

I particularly enjoyed the commission from Adam Henson for my sculpture “Reflection” inspired by his wonderful Suffolk Punch Mare Lexy which I originally cold cast in resin with a rust patina but went on to make a bronze edition. Castle Fine Arts Foundry have also made a smaller bronze edition of this sculpture for me which has proved very popular and will be making more in the new year in the popular stone patina as well as in the rust. If you are interested to purchase one of these do contact me, they should be ready in February 2024. I also plan to sell some of my smaller sculptures online in 2024 and will show them on the website in the New Year.

In 2024 I am planning to mount my sculptures in new and exciting ways using different stones and marble which reflects my love of neoclassicism and to develop new and contemporary patinas. I am excited to start new sculptures and commissions and share my ideas with you all.

Please visit my website to see new images of recent sculptures and do spread the word if you have friends and family who may be interested in that special gift!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2024


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